Last Supermoon of 2017 - Ritual

The energy of the December 3rd Supermoon is lingering as I reflect on the first time hosting a Full Moon Gathering yesterday. With intention, we focused on rituals and practice in order to step into our Truth. This theme feels monumental with a year of shifts and changes in my personal life and it was interesting to hear how it resonated with the group.


The beauty of working with the moon is that it invites us to be mindful, intentional and grateful. Its energy bring magic in our lives and the more we do it, the more "coincidences" start to show up. If you haven't yet carved out time to think about how to work with the energy of this moon, there is still time in the next few days and I invite you to set some time aside for yourself. 


Here is a 15-30 minute practice that will help move you into your personal Truth. 

What you need:

  1. Paper & pen
  2. Fire
  3. A metal bowl (please don't burn the house down)

Reflect on your current state. It is important to bring awareness to yourself and feel grounded. A simple way of getting grounded is by stating 3 things that you are grateful for, in this body, with this mind, and with this spirit. 

Write down what it is that you need to let go of in order to be your truest self. This can be negative thoughts, bad habits, someone that no longer supports you... I like to word vomit in this process by free writing and not thinking too much as the words hit the page as they come. 

- Once you feel like it is all out, go back and reflect on each thing. Next to each, write what it needs in order to give it love and light. It may be forgiveness, humor, love or gratitude. This practice will lighten the negative impact of the thing

Let it go - aka FIYA. Burning is a representation of releasing by letting the smoke represent the energy moving up and away. When you light the paper on fire, embody the thought of letting it all go. This is my favorite part because lighting something on fire always feels so dramatic as the flame gets expansive, and then disappears as the smoke washes away. 


The best way to let it all sink into your subconscious is to invite an affirmation into your daily practice. An Affirmations should be said 40 times to become a part of the subconscious mind. Choose an affirmation and say it 10 times for the next 4 days. You can do this while looking at yourself in the mirror with great conviction, and with a smile, so it gets sent down into your solar plexus and belly. 


As we let go of the things that hold us back, it invites us closer to feeling ourselves. We spend a lot of time in this world trying to please others or fitting into a certain box. The beauty of being ourselves is that no one else can be it. We are our own source of joy and happiness, and when you show up as your true self, it inspires me to show up too. 

Adriana Koc-Spadar