Modern Day Rituals

Although rituals were originally created as a religious ceremony, we can borrow from that practice to create expansion for ourselves. In a world dominated by speed and ambition, slowing down with intention creates space for awareness.


The key to creating a ritual is to dedicate an action to a significance. If this means a Beyonce empowered, self love pajama dance every morning or lighting incense while thinking about releasing negative energy, I encourage to focus on that intentional declaration in the moment.

This incremental mindfulness progressively adds to feeling fulfilled, ultimately leading to a life of clarity and connection.

Here are a few reminders or introductions to designing your personalized ritual. 

1. Begin with acknowledgement. By starting the ritual with acknowledging yourself and the space around you, it immediately grounds us into the moment with gratitude. It is the starting point of settling your minds, feeling in your bodies and getting in touch with your soul. 

2. Action + Significance + Symbolism. There is something so beautiful when practicing an action that creates a mindful representation, ie: dance for love, making tea to consume acceptance, stretch your body to release blocks. Symbolism can have many layers and I invite you to say what it means out loud, as you do it, to add impact to the meaning.

3. Include gratitude. And affirmations. Words have power to teach our brains to ultimately live in positivity and joy.

4. Practice. Whether your ritual be summoned on the moon cycles or done every morning, consistency adds to the intention of being worthy to receive. 

As I continue to add to my personal rituals I embrace how the simplicity of ceremony invites me to go within. I've started to share rituals recently, inviting to gather on the full and new moons to create magic. The flow of the moons has dedicated time to get clear. By sharing it as a gathering, it expands the collective energy and feels more powerful. It is wonderful to be able to be mindful to personal ritual, while sharing it with others. My exploration in ritual design continues.

I hope this simple breakdown inspires you to start or add to a current ritual, making those intentionals uniquely your own.

Adriana Koc-Spadar