I'm excited to launch  2018 Moon Calendars, designed with paintings  from my New Moon Series

I've been recently working with the new and full moons to manifest magic and create coincidences in my life.

This sparked the inspiration to create a calendar that indicated the moons of 2018 to encourage others to invite joy and positivity into their lives.

The Calendar was thoughtfully designed including each full moon name, date and times, along with the new moon dates for 2018. For extra love I asked some of the most influential and inspiring people in my life that have taught me something recently to send me a quote or poem that they would like to share. I am proud to know and be friends with the list of amazing humans below.

They were all a part of making my recent year special, and I am excited to share some of this magic with you. 

Calendar Contributors 
Alex Troll, Passionate Entrepreneur - @alexrosetroll 
Elliot Slinn, Musician & Writer @elliott_slinn
Erica Otto, Movement Enthusiast, Spiritual Explorer 
Jacquelin Jennings, Intuitive Coach - @werekindafancy 
Julie Blackburn - @smavvy
 Megan Soutar, Women’s Coach - @meganjanesoutar
Melissa Nkomo, Integrative Skincare Specialist - @thekunyeway
Natalia Sanyal @natsanyal 
Pat Christie, Industrial Designer, Social Innovator & Entrepreneur @toddchrispy,  


Calendars and Paintings will be for sale this Holiday season around the Lower Mainland. Click here to find out where.

Adriana Koc-Spadar